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Postdoctoral Researchers

Our lab welcomes postdoctoral researchers with an interest in either the molecular aspects of Ancient DNA or the computational aspects of analysis. A strong preference is given to applicants who are willing to apply for their own funding. We are interested in postdocs with a wide variety of skills (e.g. molecular, experimental, theoretical) to work on both human and canine ancient DNA projects. Please take a look at Emory's FIRST program and the NSF's Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in SBE program.



As a graduate student in our lab, you will be trained in experimental and computational approaches in Ancient DNA and adaptive evolution. Potential graduate students should contact John Lindo and apply through the Anthropology Graduate Program, Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution Program, or Genetics and Molecular Biology Graduate Program



Our lab is interested in undergraduate students who are willing to spend at least 5 hours in our lab per week. The work would first involve the molecular aspects of Ancient DNA with the opportunity to engage in computational analyses later on. There are also opportunities through Emory's Undergraduate Research Programs




John Lindo

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