Selected Publications

2018 John Lindo, Randall Haas, Courtney Hofman, Mario Apata, Mauricio Moraga, Ricardo A. Verdugo, James T. Watson, Carlos Viviano Llave, David Witonsky, Cynthia Beall , Christina Warinner , John Novembre , Mark Aldenderfer , Anna Di Rienzo The genetic prehistory of the Andean highlands 7000 years BP through European contact. Science Advances 2018; 4 : eaau4921.

2018 Lindo, J., Rogers, M., Mallot, E., Petzelt, B. Mitchell, J., Archer, D., Cybulski, J., Malhi, R., DeGiorgio, M.                         Patterns of Genetic Coding Variation in a Native American Population before and after European Contact.                                       American Journal of Human Genetics 102: 806-815.

2018 Scheib et al.                                                                                                                                                                             Ancient human parallel lineages within North America contributed to a coastal expansion.                                                               Science 360:1024-1027.

2017 Lindo, J., Kemp, B., Cybulski, J., DeGiorgio, M., Malhi, R.                                                                                                   Ancient individuals from the North American Northwest Coast reveal 10,000 years of regional genetic continuity.                     Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114, 4093-4098.

 2017 Kar, R. and Lindo, J.
Race and the Law in the Genomic Age: A Problem for Equal Treatment Under the Law.                                                                        The Oxford Handbook on Law, Regulation, and Technology

 2016 Lindo, J., Huerta-Sánchez, E., Nakagome, S., Rasmussen, R., Petzelt, B., Mitchell, J., Willerslev, E., DeGiorgio, M., Malhi, R.      A time transect of exomes from a Native American population before and after European contact.                                                    Nature Communications 7, 13175.

 2015 Kemp, B., Lindo, J., Bolnick, D., Malhi, R., Chatters, J.
Response to Comment on “Late Pleistocene human skeleton and mtDNA link Paleoamericans and modern Native Americans.”              Science 347, 835.

 2015 Raghavan, M., Steinrücken, M., Harris, K., … Lindo, J. … Song, Y., Nielsen, R., Willerslev, E.                                          Genomic evidence for the Pleistocene and recent population history of Native Americans.                                                                 Science 349, 1-20.


2015 Motti, J., Hagelberg, E., Lindo, J., Malhi, R., Bravi, C., Guichon, R.
First Complete Mitochondrial Genome Sequence from Human Skeletal Remains of the Coast of Santa Cruz, Argentina.               Magallania 43:119-131.